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TSA Swim Team Manager
TSA Swim Team Manager (TSTM) is a web application specifically designed to manage Tarheel Swimming Association (TSA) member swim teams. The system was built based on many TSA swim teams' experiences. It helps team managers to collect, organize and query team information conveniently, quickly and accurately. Many tedious tasks (volunteer assignment, meet line up, etc.) that used to consume a lot of time are automated. Various reports can be generated based on team data. The system ties families together, facilitates collaboration and communication thus greatly improves team efficiency.

To set up the system for your team, please click here to contact us.

Premium Features (optional):
  • Send text messages to team members. This feature allows administrators to broadcast text messages directly to members' registered cell phones so they can be notified with the most up to date information such as inclement weather.
  • Home page advertising for team sponsors.
  • Generating TSA Championship meet entry file.
  • Manage team social events signup.
  • Adding attachments in an email.
  • Volunteer positions can be associated with two new meet types "Trial and Other" (in addition to Home and Away). This should make admin's life easier when some positions are only created for a non-dual meet. Each position is associated with a meet type. The following is a chart that shows which type of position is available for which type of meet.
    Meet type         Position for meet type
                    Home   Away   Trial   Other
    Home              X      X
    Away                     X
    Trial                    X      X
    Other                                   X
  • Automatic dual meet score update.
  • For non-dual meets (meet type: Other), teams can now ask swimmers to select the strokes they prefer to swim. When a meet is set to type "Other", swimmers can do stroke selection online. A report can be generated based on such data from the Meet report page (linked from Meet Setup page).
  • Swim up: this is an option available on the Line up page. When enabled, swimmers from lower age groups who are not lined up to swim relay in their own age group (due to not enough swimmers or too many relay teams) can be moved to a higher age group to be considered in a relay team. Validation from coaches and admins are recommended.
  • Import Hy-Tek meet entry .HY3 file into TSTM.
  • Track No Shows for volunteer assignment.
Penguin Timing System and The ONDECK System

Features for swimmer families:

Online registration (including email validation)
View swimming season calendar and events
Edit family contact (1 or 2 parents) information
Manage swimmers in the family, support various fee schedules
Select meets to participate for each swimmer
Select strokes for non-dual meets for each swimmer (premium feature)
Select volunteer positions or preferences and which meets are available to volunteer
Exchange volunteer positions between two families without admin intervention
Track volunteer load by the number of tasks and task weight
Confirm volunteer positions before a meet
Signup team social events
View and print bill
Online payment option using credit card through Paypal (fee applies)
View meet results in various forms (current and past seasons)
Order swimming gears offered by the team
View team documents/announcements
View team and pool records

Features for administrators and coaches:

Set up team (name, code, location, logos, contact info, and many more)
Set up a new swimming season (member due, due date, late fee, swimwear cost, etc.)
Set up meets for members to select. Import meets from TSA web site
Set up volunteer positions
Set up swimming season calendar and events (can optionally embed google calendar)
Export swimmer roster file in .CL2 (SDIF) or .HY3 formats for Hy-Tek or WinSwim, minimize data entry
View volunteer signups or preference selections
Automatic volunteer position assignment based on preferences and job priority
Assign volunteer positions by a volunteer coordinator
Export volunteer assignment as HTML or CSV files
Report on families not meeting volunteer requirement
Automatic reminder emails to families who volunteer in the next meet
Automatic reminder email to volunteer coordinator for unconfirmed positions
View swimmers by meet or age group
Export swimmer roster (HTML and CSV formats)
Assign swimmer numbers for the team (several numbering methods)
View families and update their payment info
Export family list with contact and payment info
Enter and view meet results online
Import Hy-Tek .CL2 (SDIF) meet results or CSV file (past season results will be maintained)
Mobile device interface to enter meet results (premium feature)
Calculate personal best times
Meet lineup (seeding) according TSA rules (upto 3 main events and relays) based on swimmers best times
Manually adjust lineup based on swimmer attendance or by individual stroke
Generate heat sheets based on the auto lineup results
Export meet entries in .CL2 (SDIF) and .HY3 formats for Hy-Tek or WinSwim
Print personal best time ribbons on Avery 5160 (or its compatible) labels
Print main event labels using auto lineup results
Print TSA meet sheets (pink and blue) using auto lineup results
Send email or text messages (premium feature) to select families by meet, volunteer position or age group
Send email to individually selected families
Lock down a meet to stop meet attendance selection change
Manage pusher / meet attendance list and generate CSV report
Manage team member membership history (how many years in the team)
Manage user roles (regular, coach, admin and super admin users)
Manage team store (inventory and orders)
Team statistics (by gender and age groups)
Manage team and pool records. One click record update using team meet result data
Manage team online documents
Manage team social events (premium features)
Lock down a team site when admins prepare the web site
Import Hy-Tek swimmer information file so a team can quickly load existing data into this system

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