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TSA Swim Team Manager

What does this site do?

The site is designed for swim teams participating in TSA (Tarheel Swimming Association) swim meets.

This site enables TSA neighbourhood swim teams to manage their teams. The functionalities include user registration, selecting meets to participate for each swimmer, signup voluneteer positions. Team administrators can manage swim meets, volunteer positions, view member signup status, automatically lineup for a meet and broadcast text messages. Various reports can be created. Many tedious tasks are automated.

How is satisfaction guarantee honored?

Payment is due at the end of the season. As a new team, if you are not satisfied with the system and don't plan to come back the next year, you don't need to pay for the current invoice.

Can my team use the system?

The system is designed for TSA swimming league member teams. All TSA swim teams are welcome to use the system. Please contact us at tsaswimteam@gmail.com to set you up. If you are not a TSA team and interested in a similar custom site for your swimming league, please write us an email.

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